Double Up - Wanderer - 2018 Wakeboard Wakehub

Double Up - Wanderer - 2018

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The 2018 Double Up DUP Wanderer Hybrid Wakeboard is designed in consultation with Deanna Hatten to perform behind the boat and in the park. Taking the best attributes from our timber core line and softening up the flex with our 420 Bi Ax glass, gives the Wanderer a perfect blend of the predictable and the playful. Soft in the nose and tail, firm through the belly means added control and pop behind the boat, without sacrificing the flex for the park. Other features include Reverse V system for locking in rails, PU sidewalls and DUP’s signature profiled core.

IMPORTANT: Double Up Warranty DOES NOT COVER any damage caused by sliders or rails. DO NOT Slide your board on any sliders/rails if you want to keep your warranty. There are no exceptions to this rule.


► Hybrid Specific Design

► 100% Paulonia Timber Core

► Flat line construction

► Dyna2 Base

► Polyurethane Side Walls

► 420 Bi Ax Fibreglass

► Strategically Profiled timber core

► Dropped Edge Profile

► Flat hull

► 3 Stage Rocker